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Moving on your own can be quite a challenge. You need to dismantle the furniture, pack items, and load them into the truck. Everything becomes much easier with Milvus. We will make your relocation comfortable. You can call us at any time and make an order for a suitable date and time. Our team is prepared for complex moving. You do not need to carry heavy objects, furniture, or equipment. There are reliable movers for this task, who do this kind of work every day and have the appropriate experience. You can order moving services in Cambridge on favorable terms. According to customers feedback, our packing services are top-rated. We can pack an entire office in no time at all. Our employees have all the necessary tools that allow us to move quickly and smoothly. We are always ready to help. If you want to save time and money, then contact Milvus. Our moving support is invaluable in cities such as Cambridge.

Cambridge Movers Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates 2 Movers and truck/hr 3 Movers and truck/hr 4 Movers and truck/hr Additional Mover/hr Additional Truck/hr
Discount $110 $160 $210 $55 $55
Regular $130 $180 $230 $65 $65
SubPeak $160 $210 $260 $65 $65
Peak $190 $240 $290 $65 $65
HighPeak $270 $370 $470 $75 $75


We offer additional insurance for your belongings. But don't worry. Our company employs qualified movers. We know how to transport your belongings with care. Our customers rarely have to use our insurance. You can be sure that the move with our company will go smoothly.
A responsible moving company always takes care of its reputation. The movers are the face of the company. Our team consists of qualified employees who have received proper training. We want our customers to get only the top moving service in Cambridge.
If you've never dealt with moving, it can take a long time to disassemble furniture. Perhaps you can cut costs by doing everything yourself. But how much nerve and energy will you spend? It is better to entrust this work to a professional team.
We offer our customers a free moving estimate. Our managers will tell you in detail about the cost and what it includes. If necessary, you can order additional services. Our company can help with packing, warehousing, cleaning. You can also take advantage of full service.
We want moving services to be accessible to everyone. Our company offers cheap movers in Cambridge. You will get excellent services at a low price. You can be sure that moving with our company will help you save nerves and save money.
Sometimes it happens that the old furniture is no longer needed. What to do with it? We have a solution. Our company offers a recycling service. If you want to get rid of your old sofa or wardrobe, contact us. We will help you!

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Storage services

Are you searching for storage in Cambridge at reasonable prices? Then contact Milvus! We provide responsible storage services with 24-hour access. You can store things with us for up to 6 months. It is not always possible to find free space for stuff in the house. Our company will help you keep space in your home. We provide you with the best storage option. Our warehouse has all the conditions to maintain the ideal temperature. We have a well-established security system that guarantees the safety of your property. It's easy to put things in storage now. Take advantage of the service, and it will be your best solution!

Benefits of Cambridge

Cambridge is located in Middlesex County. The city is separated from Boston by the Charles River. Approximately 105,000 people live here. First of all, Cambridge is known for having two major universities in the country. Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are located here. Mount Auburn Cemetery was founded in Cambridge in 1831. It was the first cemetery in the United States established according to all the rules. The cemetery is known not only for burials of famous politicians and artists but also for its picturesque gardens, ponds, and meadows. Mount Auburn is officially a Cambridge National Historic Landmark. Two museums on the same campus as Harvard University might catch your attention. One of them houses a collection of U.S. ethnography. The city's most recognizable feature is the Sackler Museum, which contains the best works of art from the Middle East, Ancient India, Rome, Asia, and Greece. The park areas are predominantly located along the Charles River.

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