One of the characteristics of modern life is mobility. People have become more active in moving from place to place. Such activities require the involvement of qualified movers. Moving of any complexity requires that loading and unloading work performed by experienced employees. They must know how to properly pack the load and place it in the back of the truck. And then unload it without any problems in a new place and move it to where it is required. In order to avoid property damage, we only provide experienced employees for such work. Well-motivated, physically fit, and responsible, East Wareham movers know how to handle various equipment. They will help with any move. You don't have to worry about the safety of your belongings. If you have any questions, you can always contact our moving consultants. Our team works every day to make sure your move goes smoothly. You can contact us at your convenience. We hope to be of service to you!

Approximate Cost of Moving

STUDIO OR LESS 2 guys and 1 truck $110/hr 3 hours $330
SMALL 1 BEDROOM 2 guys and 1 truck $110/hr 3 - 4 hours $330 - $440
LARGE 1 BEDROOM 3 guys and 1 truck $160/hr 4 - 5 hours $640 - $800
SMALL 2 BEDROOM 3 guys and 1 truck $160/hr 4 - 5 hours $640 - $800
LARGE 2 BEDROOM 3 guys and 1 truck $160/hr 5 - 6 hours $800 - $960
3 BEDROOM APT 3 guys and 1 truck $160/hr 6 - 7 hours $960 - $1120
2BR TOWNHOUSE/HOUSE 3 guys and 1 truck $160/hr 6 - 7 hours $950 - $1120
3BR TOWNHOUSE/HOUSE 4 guys and 1 truck $210/hr 7 - 8 hours $1470 - $1680
4BR TOWNHOUSE/HOUSE 4 guys and 1 truck $210/hr 9 - 10 hours $1890 - $2100
5+BR TOWNHOUSE/HOUSE 5 guys and 2 truck $280/hr 10-11 hours $2800-$3080


If you need to transport your belongings, then our company will help you cope with this problem. Our experienced staff will easily pack and unload your belongings. For us it does not matter the number of things. We guarantee that everything will remain intact.
A reliable moving company will help you save time. You don't have to deal with moving planning. We will also make sure that all of your belongings are safely packed. Our team will arrive on time and neatly load everything on the truck.
One of our primary goals is to provide affordable moving prices. We want everyone to be able to move comfortably and safely. For us, it does not matter the amount of work. We do everything on time and with quality.
We work without weekends. We always have a truck at any time convenient for you. For example, if you want to make a move on Sunday morning, the appropriate truck and movers will be waiting for you at the appointed hour.
Despite technological advances, piano moving is still a risky activity. It is best to entrust such work to qualified movers. Our East Wareham movers know the ins and outs of piano moving. They will move your instrument without damaging it or disrupting its acoustics.
Moving is not an easy task. Sometimes our customers want to move fragile or oversized items. But you do not need to worry about anything. We will provide you with experienced and careful movers for this delicate work. You can count on us in any situation.

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Storage services may be needed in a variety of situations. For example, in the summer, you are unlikely to need skis or skates. In the winter, you can leave your favorite inflatable boat, which you always take on summer camping trips, in our storage in East Wareham. Our warehouse is equipped with everything you need to store your belongings safely. We have 24-hour video surveillance. We maintain a constant temperature in our facility. You can rest assured that your items will not dry out. If necessary, our team will help you pack your belongings and deliver them to our warehouse. You can also pick up your items at a convenient time.

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Benefits of East Wareham

East Wareham is sometimes called the Gateway to Cape Cod. The town is a great place to live. It began its history in 1678. Since the town is located near the bay, people have been shipping here from the beginning. Now East Wareham is an attractive tourist destination. There are many exciting sights in the town. For example, you can visit the Water Wizz. It is a great place to enjoy the weekend with your kids. You can also visit the Onset Blues Festival. It takes place every year at the end of summer. Many people choose East Wareham as a place to live. There is a sound education system here. If you need reliable movers from East Wareham, you can contact us. Our team is ready to help you at any time.

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