You may think that moving won’t be a big deal, until you finally realize that you will have to figure out the best possible appliance movers near me. This is especially true if you spent a lot of money on your appliances and can’t afford to leave them behind. Here is some information about how professional appliance movers may be able to make your life a little easier.

One of the biggest issues with local appliance movers is that they can be cagey regarding rates. They are usually trying to get the most profit possible from a customer, rather than being transparent about rates and doing good business. Milvus Moving believes in creating long-lasting and trustworthy relationships rather than taking any shortcuts or surprising customers with hidden fees.

There’s no way around it: moving is already hard work. You might have spent a lot of money on your appliances and insist that there is no way that you are moving without them. While that’s understandable, it’s essential to recognize that understanding how to move heavy appliances can be difficult. Of course, an appliance moving service will be adequately trained and have the experience and expertise to move appliances the right way.


Milvus Moving Advantages

There are many different reasons why Milvus Moving is the best option out of all of your local appliance movers. We offer an easy way to move appliances without having to worry about extra charges or hidden fees.

While another appliance moving company might show up late, our professionals make a point to be on time. Our professionals also always have the right equipment to deal with your appliances, which helps save time. We remain professional appliance movers that conduct business with honesty and integrity.

Milvus Moving is also known for some of the most affordable rates when it comes to heavy appliance movers. We genuinely believe that we offer the best rates in terms of commercial appliance movers in the city.


Appliance Delivery Service

You may be aware that you need to hire heavy appliance movers, but are not too sure about what it costs or entails. Milvus Movers understands how to move appliances safely and securely, while making sure that they remain intact. The way that we deliver your appliances will depend on the kinds of appliances that need to be transported, while protecting them safely and avoiding any injuries.



Refrigerators can be costly, and it often doesn’t make sense to purchase a new refrigerator at your new place. Our appliance movers can help transport your refrigerator safely.

We would like to point out that it is recommended that you unplug your refrigerator 24 hours before transporting it, which gives it time to defrost. All of the shelves and drawers should be removed, and the refrigerator will be moved in an upright position. This prevents compressor oil from leaking, which can be a significant safety issue.



Before you start looking up appliance movers near me for your dishwasher, there’s one main rule: empty your dishwasher! No one wants to move their dishwasher only to realize that their dishes are broken. Small parts of the dishwasher will be broken down and labeled for easier transport.

We understand how to move heavy appliances and connect your dishwasher from its water supply before moving it. Since dishwashers often contain fragile components, we make sure that our professionals use moving blankets to transport them. We also use dollies to distribute weight properly and move these heavy appliances safely.



Many people love the fact that they can wash and dry their clothes in the convenience of their own home, and that’s why they choose to hire heavy appliance
movers near me to make sure that they have that same comfort in their new apartment or home.

Of course, Milvus Moving professionals will ensure that your washer and dryer are placed exactly where you would like. Your washer and dryer can also be damaged easily, so it’s even more important that heavy appliance movers are involved.


How Much Does It Cost To Move Appliances?

It can be difficult to give a proper estimate for an appliance moving service near me without knowing exact details. However, Milvus Moving suggests setting aside at least several hundred dollars since moving appliances will require two men. It might be a smart idea to set aside somewhere between $400 or $500 if you need help moving appliances.

The rate obviously depends on the amount of labor involved and other unique circumstances. Hire Milvus Moving to help take the headaches and guesswork out of moving your appliances.

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