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Moving to another house or apartment brings a lot of positive emotions.  But in fact, it can be one of the most stressful events in your life. The reason is that it is almost impossible to plan everything yourself properly. As a result, you may lose some items, and something may break. You need to find a suitable truck, call the movers, make a route, and perform many other tasks. The easiest and most convenient way to organize moving in Waltham is to turn to Milvus. We offer the best prices for all services. Our company has extensive experience to foresee any difficulties or problems in advance to avoid them. We have trucks that can be used to transport any number of items and large furniture. Our company is always ready to provide additional services, necessary tools, and materials to make moving as convenient and straightforward as possible. After placing an order, our manager will quickly plan the route. We will do everything quickly and without unnecessary difficulties.

Waltham Movers Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates 2 Movers and truck/hr 3 Movers and truck/hr 4 Movers and truck/hr Additional Mover/hr Additional Truck/hr
Discount $110 $160 $210 $55 $55
Regular $130 $180 $230 $65 $65
SubPeak $160 $210 $260 $65 $65
Peak $190 $240 $290 $65 $65
HighPeak $270 $370 $470 $75 $75


When you move things from one place to another, there is a risk of losing or damaging your items. However, thanks to the insurance support, we can guarantee our customers complete safety of their stuff. In addition, our employees load and unload items with the utmost care.
What are the moving costs? It is a legitimate question that deserves a clear answer. That's why we make transparent pricing especially important. Our company informs about all prices in advance. You will not see any hidden costs. And we keep our word!
Our company has been in the moving business for years. We can provide the appropriate work logistics. Trucks and the number of employees are adjusted depending on the number of items transported. With the help of a qualified company, you can minimize moving time to one day!
Our company has trucks adapted for moving apartments, offices, and houses. Milvus employees know how to protect furniture, equipment, and even glass from damage. In addition, you do not need to worry about packing materials. We have everything you need.
The cost of hiring a moving company in Waltham may seem high at first glance. However, you should remember that the final price already includes the employee's salary, truck, and fuel. Overall, this option turns out to be cheaper than paying for individual services yourself.
We offer a free moving estimate. It allows every potential customer to decide on relocation with our company. All you need to do is call our office and inform us about the amount of stuff and where you need to move them.

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Storage Services in Waltham

Are you planning a move and have nowhere to place some stuff? Take your furniture and other possessions to our storage in Waltham. It is an affordable and convenient service for those planning to renovate, rent out a property, or move. We accept items for storage in any amount. Our team will pack your belongings, disassemble the furniture, carefully deliver it to the warehouse and bring it back at your request. For the storage period, we conclude a contract with each client. Our company is financially responsible for your property. You do not need to worry about the safety of your belongings.

Benefits of Living in Waltham

If you are planning to move to Waltham, we recommend getting to know its attractions. Waltham is located in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1783. First of all, the city is known as Watch City. In 1854, a watch factory was opened here. Many large companies have offices in Waltham. Raytheon, PerkinElmer, Inc., Global Partners, Paraxel are located here. If you like to read and immerse yourself in a world of mysterious characters, the Waltham Public Library is for you. But here you can also study and find out something new. To learn about the city's history, you can visit the Charles River Museum of Industry. There are two major universities in the city. The arts are also well developed here. You can find many arts organizations throughout the city. If you like classical music, you'll love the Waltham Symphony Orchestra. The musicians will give you an unforgettable experience with live music.

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