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Are you planning to move inland from BOS? As the city’s most dependable Boston to Albany movers, we’re here to help you with your relocation journey. At Milvus, our goal is to help make your move go as smoothly as possible, making it an enjoyable experience for you and your family. Having been in the industry for many years, we’ve assisted numerous people just like you, and can’t wait to be a part of your moving story!

Throughout this page, you’ll learn about our relocation process, what it costs to move, how we calculate your quote, moving tips, and why we are the top movers from Boston to Albany.

Once you’re convinced that we’re the best fit for you, simply get in touch so we can provide you with your personalized quote. After you’ve booked our service, you can shift your attention to look forward to your new life in Albany. Delectable Italian food, the awesome live music scene, exciting college athletics, and great outlet shopping are just a few of many reasons why people love calling Albany home.

Our top-notch moving services make us the Boston to Albany moving company you can depend on. With us by your side, the transition will be effortless.

Rely on Milvus to get your furniture safely and efficiently to your new home.

$700 gets your items to Albany the same, or next-day.

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While many people might not enjoy moving, we sincerely love what we do and want to share our passion with you. We consistently put your needs and satisfaction above anything else. At Milvus, reliability, professionalism, and respect, are qualities we value greatly. Combining this with years of experience in the industry, we have built up a reputation as a Boston to Albany moving company that truly cares about your relocation’s success.


Why Is It Worth To Move From Boston To Albany?

As the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a vibrant and historic city with plenty to offer its residents. However, for some people, the high cost of living and the fast pace of life can be a bit too much. If you're looking for a slower paced lifestyle but still want to enjoy all that New England has to offer, then Albany might be the perfect place for you. Here are just a few reasons why it's worth making the move from Boston to Albany.

  1. The Cost of Living Is More Affordable
    One of the biggest reasons to consider moving from Boston to Albany is the cost of living. While Boston is an expensive city to live in, Albany is much more affordable. In fact, according to, the cost of living in Albany is about 18% cheaper than in Boston. This difference is even more pronounced when it comes to housing costs, with the average rent in Albany being nearly 40% cheaper than in Boston.

  2. The Pace of Life Is Slower
    If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, then Albany is the perfect place for you. The pace of life in Albany is much slower than in Boston, and this can be a refreshing change for those who are used to the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city. Albany is also a great place to raise a family, as there are plenty of things to do and see that are geared towards families with children.

  3. The Scenery Is Beautiful
    Another great reason to move from Boston to Albany is the scenery. Albany is located in the Hudson River Valley, and the area is absolutely beautiful. If you love being outdoors, then you'll definitely enjoy living in Albany. There are plenty of hiking trails and parks to explore, and the fall foliage is simply stunning.

  4. There's a Great Sense of Community
    One of the best things about Albany is the sense of community that exists there. People in Albany are friendly and welcoming, and there's a strong sense of pride in the city. You'll quickly feel like part of the community when you move to Albany, which can be a great change from the anonymity of living in a big city.

  5. You'll Get to Experience New England Culture
    If you're from Boston, then you're probably used to the culture there. However, Albany is a different kind of place. The city has its own unique culture and history, and you'll get to experience this when you move there. From the food to the architecture, Albany has a lot to offer in terms of culture.

Those are just a few of the reasons why it's worth moving from Boston to Albany. If you're looking for a change of pace, then Albany might be the perfect place for you. The cost of living is more affordable, the pace of life is slower, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention, the sense of community in Albany is strong, and you'll get to experience a whole new side of New England culture. So why not make the move today?

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With plenty of years in the Boston to Albany moving scene, we’ve acquired a lot of experience along the way. We are grateful to all of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with because it’s made us that much better. This benefits us and you as we continue to perfect our operation.


Knowing you can rely on your hired moving firm is an absolute must in this industry. We know this better than the rest. Trust that you can always count on us to show up on time, answer any questions, and take care of your possessions with care and attention.


You’ll notice right away that our team is extremely professional. While we are known to be friendly and easy-going, we are also very serious about each and every move. We know just how important your items are to you, and train our employees to approach every move earnestly.


Since we know the value and importance of your furniture, we will treat it with the utmost respect. We do this by carefully disassembling, reassembling, loading, and unloading your furniture. By concentrating on each task at hand, you can know your valuables are safe in our care.

Affordable Movers From Boston To Albany

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With a large selection of Boston to Albany moving companies to choose from, we differentiate ourselves by being upfront about our pricing. To be transparent, we will require the following pieces of information to determine the best quote for you:

  • The square footage of your possessions.
  • Your pick-up and drop-off points to calculate the distance for traveling.

When we have these details sorted, we’ll provide you with your quote. The quote incorporates costs such as fuel, transportation, tolls, and more.

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

To be well prepared for the journey to Albany, we will need to fuel up. So, the price of gas has been accounted for in the final cost.

Reliable moving vehicles are as important to us as your furniture is to you. This is why we use only the best quality trucks to get your things safely to Albany.

Having insurance coverage grants us (and you) increased peace of mind knowing that everything throughout the journey is protected. We don’t take any chances with your possessions.

Equipped with live GPS and tracking devices, our team of experts will cautiously drive our vehicles to your new home in Albany, getting there on-time and accurately.


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!

We take great pride in our training program. All of our movers are fully-certified, meaning they are able to handle every move comfortably and effectively.

Our team will gladly disassemble and reassemble your furniture for you in order to ensure the absolute safety of your beloved items during the trip.

For extra security during the transit, we will even blanket wrap your furniture. Knowing your items are safely stored in our vehicles will help you feel more comfortable.

As your preferred Boston to Albany moving company, your peace of mind is our priority. Please don’t ever hesitate to ask for clarity or express concerns so we can ensure a successful move.


Committed Movers From Boston To Albany

Committed to helping you start out on the right foot in your new city, we’ve put together a few of our top tips to help contribute to your successful relocation. As the preferred Boston to Albany moving company, we want your transition to be enjoyable.


Step One: Get packing sooner than later

Getting a good jump start on packing will be extremely beneficial to help ease your move as well as the stress you might feel about relocating. Take it from us, the happiest clients we deal with are the ones that are the most organized before the big day. Go through your belongings, make checklists, put things into piles, decide what’s worth keeping, purchase boxes ahead of time, start labeling items, go through your house room by room, and set goals for yourself. Whatever you can do to help coordinate everything better, we strongly suggest you do it and do it early.


Step Two: Think through all of the logistics

As you shift your focus to packing, don’t forget about ALL of the logistics associated with relocating. Some people might forget that there are many other things to think about. Things like informing your bank or cable company that you’re moving, or letting your children’s teachers know ahead of time while also looking into a new school for them. Basically, it’s important that your life stays as stress-free as possible. Taking care of all the little details will help ensure that it will.


Step Three: Contact the city’s best Boston to Albany movers, and plan your future.

Now that you’ve sorted through all of the finer details, you can focus your attention on finding a reputable moving company. We are confident that our services, competitive pricing, and customer service will be more than enough to meet your expectations.

Once we’ve ironed out the logistics of your big moving day, you can start looking into things that excite you in Albany. Are you looking for the coolest music venue near your house? Wanting to join a recreational team? Or simply hoping to find the best pizza in the city? With the other specifics well underway, now is a great opportunity to start researching places to visit, clubs to join, or how to pass the time in your new city.

Would you like more moving tips? Contact our team of experts who would be thrilled to help!


From Boston to Albany, we’re your top movers.

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