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St. Louis is the Gateway to the West, but to get there you have to cross 1200-miles of eastern territory. New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio; it’s not a do-it-yourself project that you want to take on. Especially, considering that working with the top-rated Boston to St. Louis Movers reduces stress and saves money. Milvus is the best because our Boston to St. Louis moving services start here with practical advice to help you make the best decision for you and your family!

St. Louis is wonderfully modern and deeply rooted in American history. Lewis and Clark began their expedition west in St. Louis. Ragtime, jazz, the blues, and hip-hop have all made their mark on the city’s musical tradition. Incredible architecture, an underrated culinary scene, seventy-nine distinct neighborhoods, and of course, The Gateway Arch; if you have to leave Boston, moving to St. Louis is an excellent choice.

Choosing Milvus as your moving partner will allow you to enjoy the process of relocating to St. Louis. You won’t have to worry about breaking down furniture or figuring out how it’s all going to fit in the truck. You won’t have to map out a route or unload when you get there. We’ll handle that for you. How you spend the extra time is up to you, but you'll have options, and isn’t that the point of working with the pros? 

Boston to St. Louis moving: Easier, Quicker, Better!

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Our goal is to make moving from Boston to St. Louis feel as simple as moving across town. From our perspective, it is. STL is just a little farther down the road. But, from your perspective, it’s not things you’re boxing up, it’s a life.

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Milvus has helped more people relocate than any other movers from Boston to St. Louis. We’ve perfected the process. You’ll be able to see the measured and efficient way we work throughout the various stages of your move. When we’re calm, you’re calm – only experience can deliver that.


Reliability is important on a number of levels; getting from Boston to St. Louis safely and on time, providing exemplary customer service every time out, and offering fair and consistent pricing no matter the situation. At Milvus, we train for reliability; we practice it, we insist on it.


Milvus is a professional Boston to St. Louis moving company. We understand that in order to achieve consistent results we need to have a system and be flexible too. It’s a balance. Our customers have individual needs, and we always find a way to address those needs without sacrificing precision or preparedness.


Our professional moving teams will confirm that you understand how we plan to proceed and that you’re comfortable with it. They’ll ask questions. They’ll listen. Your input makes their job easier, and ensures that you feel respected and heard throughout the process.

Moving from Boston to St. Louis: Just the Facts!

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Below you’ll find a quick glance at what’s included in our Boston to St. Louis moving services. Other Boston based long-distance movers may follow similar steps but nobody does it with the same level of reliability, professionalism, and experience:

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

All fuel costs from Boston to St. Louis are included in your quote. It’s a familiar route for us so there’s no guesswork and no hidden fees. We prefer trust & transparency.

We insist on the best vehicles and equipment. We maintain strict service records. And we are always aware of any traffic and road conditions with the potential to affect your move.

Moving insurance brings peace-of-mind, and we’ve got the best policy in the business. Between our system, dedicated teams, and coverage, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

With live GPS tracking, you’ll be able to keep tabs on us all the way from Boston to St. Louis. It will be the safest, most punctual little dot you’ve ever seen!


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!

We are a fully certified Boston to St. Louis moving company. And we’ve won our fair share of industry awards. Customer recognition is more important but it’s always nice to be recognized by your peers.

It’s not a couch. It’s not a dresser. It’s a little piece of your life disassembled in Boston and reassembled in St. Louis. We understand that and treat every piece with due respect.

Blankets are a simple but essential tool in the pro movers kit and something we are never short on. Your possessions will be wrapped and wrapped well.

Every step in our process; furniture disassembly & reassembly, GPS, insurance - it’s all about providing our customers with confidence and peace of mind from start to finish.


Boston to St. Louis Moving: A Pro Movers’ Guide!

Moving hacks are part of our Boston to St. Louis moving services. We polled our moving teams to find out what advice they most often pass along to our clients. Here some of the top responses. Take notes. These people do this for a living!


Pro Tip #1: Let the Professionals Get You There

We’ve gotten a lot of customers over the years thanks to disastrous do-it-yourself moving experiences. When you're making a multi-state, long-distance move a lot can go wrong. It’s not worth the risk, especially considering the cost is more or less equal.


Pro Tip #2: Give Yourself Time to Pack & Prep

Everyone, literally everyone, underestimates how long it takes to pack up and get prepared to move. If you think the garage is going to take an afternoon, give yourself a weekend. If you think the kitchen can be packed up last minute, it can’t. No one wants a stressful moving day. Start early.


Pro Tip #3: Get to Know Your New Home

A lot of customers get caught up in leaving and forget to find out about where they are going. We help people move to cities all over the country; St. Louis, Austin, San Francisco. These are great spots and worth researching. You don’t want to show up feeling like a stranger. 


Pro Tip #4: Pack Less and Save More

Cost is the first thing customers ask about and we always tell them, distance + cubic footage, that’s it. The distance isn’t going to change, so if you want to save, you’ve got to cut back on what you’re bringing. Getting sentimental is easy, but it’s not hard to donate what you don’t need. 

That’s it for our Boston to St. Louis moving guide. But, you can always contact us if you have additional questions!


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