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Whether you’ve come to this page because you’ve already decided that you’re moving to Savannah, or you are simply interested in the services we provide to get you there, we’re happy to have you! As the city’s most trusted Boston to Savannah movers, you’ll find that our transparent pricing, commitment to our clients, and top-notch team of professional movers will more than satisfy your relocation needs.

As soon as you’ve decided that our company is the right fit for you, we highly recommend that you contact us early to get things sorted. This will also give us the chance to walk you through our process, answer any questions you might have, and hopefully ease some of the tension associated with moving. After everything is booked, you can look ahead to the beautiful neighborhoods, stunning architecture, fabulous seafood, and amazing beaches that await you in SAV.

Work with us and we’ll take the headache out of relocating. We truly love what we do and helping you in the transition to your new life ahead would be an honor. We’re confident that you won’t find a more devoted moving firm in the city.

Starting at $2200, we’ll safely get your valuables to Savannah in no time!

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15 hours of driving from Boston to Savannah is no mean feat when your valuables are at stake. Working with a team of devoted professionals will help no end. At Milvus, our experienced movers, drivers, and operational staff are known across the city for their reliability, professionalism, and respectfulness.

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While we’ve been doing this for a long time, every move is unique and there’s always something new to learn. We’re able to take each experience from over the years and seamlessly apply it to current jobs. This makes our process that much more efficient, bettering your experience in the end.


When we go over our services with you, we’ll be mentioning our timeliness and reliability because they are areas we take great pride in. We value greatly the importance of being prompt and trustworthy. We do our best every day to keep it that way so that all our customers’ belongings reach their destinations exactly as planned.


Please know that we approach each and every relocation with the same seriousness. Your move to Savannah marks the start of a new era for you and your family. We understand the significance of relocating and train all of our employees to be as professional as possible.


The things you own and decide to take with you, are clearly of value to you. And if they mean a lot to you, they mean a lot to our Boston to Savannah movers too. We train our team to handle each item with caution and attention. Your possessions will be cared for and respected throughout the duration of your move.

Appropriately Priced Movers From Boston To Savannah

Same/next-day delivery starting at $2200

We take into consideration many variables when we provide you with your own personal quote. Our Boston to Savannah moving prices start at only $2200. To give you an accurate quote, we need to determine:

  • The square footage of your possessions.
  • The distance traveled from your furniture pick-up location to your new home in SAV.

We also include the following:

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

For the 15.5 hour trip, we plan fuel-ups along the way and take into account the cost based on our vehicle mileage and the current price of gas.

In order to successfully and safely transport your items, we use only the best vehicles in the business. We regularly check and servicing our moving trucks to ensure smooth relocations.

The vehicles we use are also completely covered under our company’s insurance policy. This means that, while we transport your valuables, they are also protected under our policy too.

Our vehicles have built-in, live GPS and tracking devices. This allows us to choose the best route to your new home, and know where our team is at all times.


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!

Our expertise is why we are the most sought after Boston to Savannah moving company. This is because every member of our staff is fully qualified to ensure the proper handling of your possessions.

Do you have furniture that might require extra care when handling? No problem, our team of movers will gladly disassemble and reassemble any items you’d like, then pack them safely.

We know you can never be too careful when dealing with valuables so we will also wrap your furniture in blankets and covers as an added safety measure.

In every step of the process, we have your best interest at heart. We want you to feel confident in our team, and grant you peace of mind knowing you can trust us!


Moving From Boston To Savannah Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3!

We want your transition to be as calm and stress-free as possible. So, we’ve asked our team to come up with suggestions to make your relocation a success. Here are some recommended, easy-to-follow steps.


Step One: Get Rid Of Unneeded Items

Moving is the perfect time to go through your stuff! Typically, people will put this off because it seems so daunting. But, when relocating, you really don’t have a choice. So, we suggest sorting through your stuff as early as you can to determine what stays and what goes. Make piles of valuable items that you could either donate or sell, and piles of items that are ready for the bin. You’ll feel a weight lifted from your shoulders as soon as you’ve made some progress. And come the week of moving, you’ll have much less to panic about!


Step Two: Schedule Time To Plan & Pack

If you don’t give yourself time to plan and pack, you’ll find your to-do list getting bigger and bigger, and you’ll feel more rushed. This is why it’s important to schedule the time to take care of logistics like packing, booking moving services, and researching important things in Savannah. If you need to carve out 1 hour a day to do this, set an alarm on your phone. Treat these tasks like an appointment, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish by devoting a bit of time a day, or even a week to staying on top of things.


Step Three: Do Your Research

Research a number of moving companies before deciding that Milvus are the company for you! Look into new neighborhoods in Savannah, search the best places to eat, and look for activities you’ll want to participate in. From music festivals to museums, there are many adventures to explore in your new city.

Ready to make the move in style? Reach out to our team of experts today to ask questions, get your personalized quote, and book your move.


From Boston to Savannah, we’re the leading movers.