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Moving from Boston to Richmond is no short trip.  So, it’s crucial to get well organized before heading out on the 547-mile journey. If you choose the right team of Boston to Richmond movers to help, you can rest assured everything will be well handled. This way, you and your family can concentrate on everything that ‘The River City’ has to offer!

Life in the state of Virginia can be exciting! Richmond is a great place to live: the career opportunities are pretty solid; the schools and universities are among the top-rated in the country, and there are numerous fun activities to do. Jobs in the fields of finance and law are continuously boosting the local economy. This city is home to many Fortune 500 companies, as well as other large corporations. And there are so many activities for those who love arts and culture as well. Richmond’s vibrant museums, monuments, memorials, and performing art venues will undoubtedly catch your attention.

Your Boston to Richmond moving process doesn’t need to be a headache! Having Milvus at your side can make your relocation trouble-free.

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There is so much that makes Milvus an exceptional partner for your long-distance move. Relocating across states could be troublesome but hiring a reliable Boston to Richmond moving company can change the situation. Many families and individuals who are relocating choose Milvus because they believe in our core values.

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We want you to feel the satisfaction of knowing that you can count on us to provide exactly what you need, where you need it. That’s the type of partnership we aim at building with you. You’ll have full visibility tracking our trucks with your belongings while we’re on the move. We want you to know that you can rely on us every step of the way.


We understand the value behind a thoroughly selected and trained team. That’s why all our movers from Boston to Richmond are courteous, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. We will not just carry your furniture and belongings; we aim to provide exceptional customer service while giving you peace of mind. That’s what being professional means to us.


Our team is committed to treating every detail of your move with the utmost respect. We know that every one of your belongings matters to you and your family. We want it all to arrive in one piece for your new chapter in RVA. From the moment our team arrives until we finish adjusting the last item, we’ll pay great attention to detail.


How can you find the best way to pass through an unknown path? It’s simple, by asking for the help and guidance from someone who already knows that path. And that’s where our experienced team of Boston to Richmond movers can help. We know this route, and we’ve done it ourselves several times. We’re highly qualified and fully trained long-distance movers.

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Are you looking for a relocating company that can provide first-rate service at a reasonable price? Look no further! Our team of movers from Boston to Richmond has got you covered. We know how to deliver your furniture safely, on time, and at a realistic price. We can do this because our pricing is always transparent: it includes the distance from your current home to your new one and the cubic footage of your belongings. Here’s all that’s included in our quote:

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

 With Milvus, you’ll know from the first moment exactly how much your relocation will cost. Our quote includes the price of fuel and tolls. No surprises!

Count on us to lift, load, and do all the heavy work for you. All you need to do is show us what you’ll be taking with you, and we will do the rest.

With our experienced team, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your belongings. But for extra security, we cover your move with insurance.

You can track our team of movers from Boston to Richmond and watch your belongings from afar while you make the trip to your new home.


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We not only have the drive to make your relocation an enjoyable experience. We also have top-notch moving certificates to prove it!

We will disassemble every piece of your home carefully before loading it into the truck. We’ll also make sure everything looks perfect when reassembling.

 To ensure everything is well protected every step of the way, we’ll wrap everything with care. This way, we keep your furniture safe from any scratches or bumps.

Creating a hassle-free experience is something that we all take pride in! We want to excel in taking care of the details so you can start your new journey without any stress or worry. 


Make Long-Distance Moving A Flawless Experience

Moving across states doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. We say this because we have done it many times, and we know what works and what doesn’t. So, to be by your side and support you and your family along the way, here’s some valuable advice to make moving from Boston to Richmond simpler:


Step One: Commit to avoiding stress.

This advice can seem a bit odd now, but you – and especially your family – will thank yourselves later. Make a joint commitment to avoid fighting over small details or getting needlessly stressed out. Make sure to hire the best team of Boston to Richmond movers to help you. If you choose Milvus, we can guarantee you a stress-free journey.


Step Two: Get organized with your belongings.

Starting a new life in a completely new environment is not inexpensive. So, you have to use your budget wisely, and that begins with choosing the stuff that you plan to take with you. Since you will pay for the cubic footage of what you carry, organizing your belongings is a budget-wise decision.


Step Three: Prepare activities for the kids.

Children are full of energy and can get bored easily. When everyone is tired and overwhelmed by a long trip, this becomes a recipe for disaster. Make sure to plan some fun activities to keep the kids busy on moving day. Board games, songs, or movies could help them have fun during the road trip. If the weather is nice, you could stop at a park and make a picnic with the little ones.


Step Four: Take some time off to get exploring.

Once you have finally arrived in your new home and are waiting for your furniture, take some days off to explore the city. There are a plethora of attractions to visit, such as restaurants, parks, museums, monuments, and the astounding Lake James. Enjoy the city and start your new life in RVA refreshed!


Relocate with ease with your dedicated Boston to Richmond Movers team.