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Are you a summer fan who’s allergic to the cold? Do you believe in the magic of fairytales and theme-park adventures? Then Orlando is the perfect city for you! With the sun shining all year round, stunning beaches a quick drive away, and over 30 state parks to explore, it’s no wonder why the ‘City Beautiful’ is one of the top 5 most popular U.S. cities to live in.

Perhaps you’re an outdoorsy adventurer looking to fill your weekends with watersports and hiking trails. Or maybe you’ve got young children who have dreams of growing up in the theme-park capital of the world. Whatever your reasons for moving from Boston to Orlando, there’s one thing for sure. Before you hit the road to Florida, you’ll need to find reliable Boston to Orlando Movers to help get your furniture there safely too.

The road to Orlando is long. With almost 1,300 miles between you and your life ahead, relocating is no walk in the park. But if you choose Milvus as your go-to Boston to Orlando moving company, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll walk you through every step of the relocation experience, and will provide both the physical and emotional support you need.

The land of fun awaits you! Work with us and get ready to enjoy the journey to come.

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The first roller-coaster you’ll ride once you’ve made the decision to head to Orlando, won’t be in Disneyland. Before you can settle down and enjoy the fun of Florida, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make and plans to arrange.

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Our business would be nothing if we didn’t value the importance of keeping our word. We don’t believe in excuses or tardiness. We’ll always keep our promises and will never show up late. You’ve got a destination to get to, and we’re serious about getting your belongings there on time and within budget.


Being professional is about more than just looking presentable and providing the answers to your questions. We truly care about the success of your journey. We approach every step of the Boston to Orlando moving experience with complete professional and personal dedication. From our well-kept trucks to our hard-working team, we’ve here to help.


Getting from A to B is easy. But finding a relocating firm who take exceptional care of your furniture from start to finish is much harder. Along the 7-day journey from Boston to Orlando, our movers will treat your belongings with the same respect as we treat each and every one of our customers.


The most valuable lesson we’ve learned over the years is to treat each move as if it were our first. We listen to each of our customers before touching a single item. We take great responsibility for the handling of your belongings and care about what you think. At the end of the day, your success is our success too.

Every Step of Your Boston to Orlando Moving Trip Explained

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Clarity is key. We’re transparent from the very start and clearly lay out what’s included in the price of our services. We don’t want you to have to pay a cent more than what we quote you for. We ask you for the square footage of your belongings. Then we calculate the mileage from door-to-door before providing you with your personalized quote. We do all we can to make moving from Boston to Orlando an affordable and enjoyable experience. Here’s what’s included in the cost:

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

We calculate the distance before we calculate the costs. Knowing how much fuel we’ll need means we will never make you pay more than the price we quote you before hitting the highway.

Our trucks are what make every move possible. They’re always clean and well looked after. With lots of space to fit your furniture in, you can take as much as you like to Orlando.

The roads may be unpredictable, but we are not. We’re covered by $20,000 insurance. We won’t need it, but we like to give you peace of mind that your furniture will always be safe.

The trip to Orlando, FL won’t seem so long when you can join us from afar. Our trucks have GPS tracking so you can find out how we’re getting on along the way.


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!

It’s not enough to just be friendly and hard-working. We also guarantee that each one of the members from our Boston to Orlando movers team is certified and licensed too.

We’ll do all the heavy-lifting, we’ll take care of the furniture assembly, and we’ll hum to the tune of your new exciting chapter ahead. You won’t lift a finger and your move will be stress-free.

We make sure your things are wrapped up safe when sitting in our trucks, so there will be no nasty surprises when we reach your destination.

Why worry about the logistics of your move when you have our support? We’ll make sure you feel at ease to start focusing on saying your goodbyes.


What to Bear in Mind Before Hitting the Highway!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic mix of moving. So before it gets too much, make sure you enter your trip fully prepared. Here are a few tips from our Boston to Orlando moving experts, to help your move run smoothly.            


Step One: Know what you want to take.

You’ve chosen Orlando for a reason. In order to begin your new life hitting the beach or exploring the parks, you’ll need to organize everything before you leave. It will help a great deal if you sort through your belongings, choose only the essentials and decide what you really want and need to take with you. When you arrive in your new city, you’ll cut your unpacking time in half and can focus on jumping on those slides and rollercoasters instead.


Step Two: Prepare for long-distance catch-ups

It’s easy to take for granted having your family and friends just around the corner. You’re starting afresh in the excitement of Florida and that’s great, but be prepared to feel homesick every now and then. Talk to your loved ones before you leave and arrange a time to Face Chat regularly. Or if you’d rather go old-school, make sure you share your new address so you can become pen pals!


Step Three: Take the stress out of the moving logistics.

Moving from Boston to Orlando takes planning and a lot of heavy lifting! There’s no need to put your back out trying to move your furniture on your own. We’re here to help! We have the experience, techniques, equipment, muscle, and manners to make your move so much easier. So use us and you won’t regret it.


Step Four: Get researching!

There’s much more to the theme-park capital of the world than meets the eye. Do your research about your new home and you’ll have lots to explore when you arrive. From Lake Eola Park to Aquatica, from Cocoa Beach to Canaveral National Seashore, there is so much adventure on the horizon – make sure you make the most of your fresh start in Florida.


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