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So, you’ve decided to start fresh in Louisville – this is exciting news! The 1000 mile drive from Boston means you now have to figure out who to hire as a reliable moving company. At Milvus, we make it our priority to ensure that when you choose us, you won’t regret it.

With Louisville as your chosen destination and a reputable moving company like us by your side, you can now look forward to all that your soon-to-be new home has to offer! Delicious food options, beautiful parks, live entertainment, seasonal changes, and athletics make this city a desirable place to live – it’s no wonder why many Bostonians are making LOU their new home.

As your choice Boston to Louisville moving company, we’ll make sure to get you there with ease. We want to make the whole process as smooth and carefree as we possibly can and have plenty of experience to do so. We are confident that you won’t regret using our competitively priced services. Our movers are friendly, professional, and are a direct reflection of what we value. We know how important and life-altering moving across the country is, which is why we do our absolute best to establish a good relationship and make you feel comfortable.

So, let’s get started! Our 2-day delivery flat rate from Boston to Louisville is $2600.

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Although you might have mixed emotions, moving should be treated as an exciting time. It’s a time to start over, make new friends, explore new surroundings, try different activities, and sample delicious food.

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While Louisville isn’t completely across the country, it’s still a fair ways away. For the 970 mile trip, you’ll need a company that you can trust to take care of your furniture. At Milvus, we are that reliable team. and will get your items to your new home safely and effortlessly.


All of our team members are trained to be extremely professional. We know that who we employ directly reflects us as a company, which is why we make sure to screen all of our applicants and hire only the friendliest, loyal, trustworthy, and dependable people to help you along the way.


The items you choose to take with you are of importance to you. This is why we train our team to treat everything as if it was their own. You can rest assured knowing that we will handle all of your items with the greatest respect because we know just how valuable they are.


Our years of experience and excitement for what we do sets us apart from our competitors. In the beginning, our learning curve was large, but we’ve perfected our technique to the point where every move is like a well-oiled machine, running smoothly and efficiently. We’re confident our experience will be emulated through your move.

Moving From Boston To Louisville Made Easy

2-day delivery only $2600

Our competitive price of $2600 for the 2-day relocation is all-inclusive of the moving costs, labor, and fees associated with the transit. The quote we provide you with is calculated based on the square footage of your items as well as the distance traveled from the starting point to the end. With us, there are no unseen charges – meaning you owe more than what we quote you with.

You’ll find the following is included in your quote:

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

The 1000 mile drive from Boston to Louisville is no short trip, so we will need to fuel up a few times. The price of gas is accounted for in your quote.

With top quality vehicles, the transit will be handled effortlessly by our professional movers. They will proficiently take care of all of the packing and moving logistics.

Our company has insurance coverage – that includes your furniture too. So you can rest assured knowing that your valuables are protected and in safe hands.

Equipped with GPS and tracking devices, our movers will deliver your items to your new home in Louisville. GPS allows us to get there on-time and accurately.


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!

All of our Boston movers are fully-certified. Training our employees is extremely important to us so these certificates demonstrate that our entire team knows how to handle your move with care.

To save space in our vehicles, it might be easier to simply disassemble some pieces of furniture before the transit. If this is the case, our movers will cautiously disassemble and reassemble these for you.

Everything you own is invaluable. Because of this, we offer blanket wrapping for any item that might need a bit more tender loving care during the transit.

We know how big of a deal long-distance moves can be. We will do whatever we can to make the transition enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for anything!


The Boston To Louisville Moving Company That’s A Cut Above The Rest

Compared to our competitors, our passion shines through during every move. Our commitment to providing excellent service has made us one of the top moving companies in the city. High standards of hiring quality employees is what really sets us apart. If you ever have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’d be pleased to help ease your transition.

Now that you’re ready to relocate, read our top tips to help you prepare for your move from Boston to Detroit:


Step One: Do your research... then select the best Boston movers.

Read reviews, ask around, and check online before choosing a reputable moving company. Finding a good fit is key, so make sure you do your research to understand each company’s core values before making a final decision. Once you’ve done this research, you’ll be fully confident that Milvus is the right choice for you!


Step Two: Plan ahead

Do yourself a favor and plan things ahead of time to help ease the tension. Think about things like letting the post office know you’re moving, inform your bank so your accounts don’t get frozen, register your kids for a good school nearby, start packing, and going through your things. You can even throw out or donate items you no longer need and contact an internet and cable company to have them come set up the week you arrive. Staying organized will really help make your transition to your new city that much more satisfying.


Step Three: Get excited for Louisville

Now that you’ve done all of the planning, researching, packing, and organizing, you can finally start focusing on what life will be like in the city you will soon call home! We suggest looking into fun activities, food, networking opportunities, live music venues, or whatever you’re into. When you arrive, go around and meet your neighbors, explore your new neighborhood, take in the history, and do some touristy things to familiarize yourself with LOU.

Ready to take the leap? Go with the best Boston to Louisville movers to make your relocation dreams a reality.