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Move your furniture across states and into your new home with security and peace of mind. Partner with Milvus professional movers from Boston to Jacksonville. Your hopes and dreams are waiting for you in your new town. We’ll help take the stress out of moving from Boston and transport your belongings with care.

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Why is Milvus the Most Popular Moving Company to Jacksonville?

Moving from Boston to Jacksonville is a big decision to make. You want everything to run smoothly, and quite rightly too! But if you’re thinking ‘how can I choose the right team to help me move from Boston?’ The answer is easy! People turn to Milvus because we always honor our three most important values:



Trust is key in any partnership. We’ll arrange the time together. We’ll run through the costs transparently. We’ll discuss all the details about the moving services from Boston that we provide. Then we’ll stick to our word always. We’re reliable every step of the way – from the moment we arrive to the moment we deliver your furniture to its rightful place in your new home.



Choosing the right moving Company to Jacksonville is about more than just how much it costs to move from Boston. You need to partner with professionals. You need to know the memories you are taking with you will be in capable hands. And ultimately, you need peace of mind that moving from Boston to Jacksonville isn’t going to be a headache. We’re attentive, we’re hard-working and we’re always polite and professional.



Our entire Boston to Jacksonville Movers team cares greatly about your opinion, and about making your move special. We respect your needs. We understand how you will be feeling. And we don’t just offer you the cheapest way to get from Boston to Jacksonville – we also go above and beyond to show you how much we respect your moving experience.

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How much would it cost to move from Boston to Jacksonville if you did it alone? Sure, it may look cheaper than working with a moving Company to Jacksonville on the surface. But would it really end up being better in the long run? First of all, you have to consider the time and effort it would take you. Then add stress into the mix. And don’t forget the strain on your body.

We know that relocating over 1,000 miles is an expensive venture for you and your family. And we take that into consideration before providing a quote. We are the best movers from Boston to Jacksonville, not just because we know all the best practices on how to transport furniture in Boston safely. But also because we quote you based on two simple factors: The cubic footage of your belongings, plus the distance from your door in Boston to your new door in Jacksonville.



Moving from Boston to Jacksonville Without a Worry

Getting from Boston to Jacksonville is easy if you work with us. We’re trained and we’re motivated. Every member of our movers from Boston to Jacksonville team is ready for action. When joining the Milvus family, they undergo various training sessions in customer service, security, furniture handling and more! We’re certified, well-known, and have the best equipment and cleanest trucks in the business. What’s more, we’re keen to turn your moving adventure into a success!

So what do we include in our Boston movers service?

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

When we quote you on mileage we’ve already considered the price of fuel and tolls, so you’ll know exactly how much your move will cost from the very start.

We’ll lift, we’ll load, we’ll do all the hard work. You’ll tell us what you’re taking with you and then leave all the rest to our Boston to Jacksonville Movers.

With our expert Boston movers, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. But we also cover your move with insurance to be extra secure.

No more worries about where we are along the route. You can trace as we go and watch your furniture from afar as we make the trip to your new home.


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!

We have the paperwork to support our experience. We have the feedback to showcase the value of our services.
We have the drive to make your move enjoyable!

Before loading your furniture into our vehicles, we’ll disassemble every piece of every valuable with care. Then we’ll reassemble when we arrive at your new home.

To make sure your furniture stays safe and sound we’ll wrap everything up and treat all your belongings delicately. No scratches, no bumps – your things will be protected every step of the way.

By working work with our Movers from Boston to Jacksonville, you’ll have peace of mind that everything will be taken care of. Your furniture will be safe on the long-distance journey.



Looking for Relocation Tips?

You may have chosen to move to Jacksonville because this metropolitan city is blessed with beach season all year-round. Or perhaps you’re simply looking to explore new job opportunities while offering fun adventures for all your family. Whatever your reasons though, this River City is a great choice for people of all ages. From the zoo to the golfing grounds, from the water taxis to the oldest plantation house – they’ll be plenty of new places to explore, heaps of seafood to try, and a budding nightlife to enjoy.

Before you can embrace the new adventures that await you, here are four quick tips to help you on your way.


Step One: Get your planning head on!

As soon as you’ve decided to take the plunge and start anew in Jacksonville, plan out your timeframes. Make sure you leave yourself a window for deciding what you want to keep, and what you’d like to sell or give away. If you leave enough time to throw away your excess baggage, you’ll save money on your move, and you’ll have more space to make new memories in your home-to-be.


Step Two: Your mailman isn’t psychic!

Your friends and family may have been asking if you know how to get to Boston from Jacksonville to make sure you go back and visit regularly. But with over 1,000 miles between you and the famous Beantown, you’re going to need to let your mailman know! Contact the USPS online and update your address. It’s easy to do and will ensure that your important mail arrives at your new home with no problems.


Step Three: Feel the support of your Milvus Boston to Jacksonville movers family!

We’re here to offer a helping hand to make sure your relocation runs smoothly. With the support of our moving team, you won’t be worrying about how to go to Boston from Jacksonville if things don’t work out okay. Instead, you’ll have time to settle in and enjoy your new life, as we handle the logistics with care.


Step Four: It’s time to enjoy the new sites!

We’ll be on the road for seven days. So while you track us as we go, you’ll have time to get out and explore the gardens, sporting atmosphere and adventure parks of Jacksonville. While you’re digging into a new Seafood dish and feeling the ocean breeze on your face, we’ll be protecting your furniture and taking care of all the heavy lifting.

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