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New beginnings in Buffalo, NY. That’s exciting! The Queen City isn’t far up the road but getting there on time and worry-free is still really important. You’ll want to choose the best available Boston to Buffalo movers, so you can enjoy both the little details and the big rush of moving to a new city!

Known for its architecture, surrounding nature, (and of course wings!), Buffalo is an easy adjustment for people moving from Boston to make. Look for inspiration in the newness of your surroundings; walk along the shores of Lake Erie, go on a day trip to Niagara Falls, learn about Frank Lloyd Wright’s signature architectural style at the Darwin D. Martin House Complex, take the family to Buffalo’s 140-year-old zoo. Every move is an adjustment, but you’ll quickly find your rhythm!

Bostonians depend on Milvus Moving for both their local & long-distance moving needs because we’ve got the experience, the system, and most importantly the trust. We’re the best-reviewed Boston to Buffalo moving company. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that our team of professional movers will ask the important questions, listen to your concerns, and make your possessions their #1 priority.  

Boston to Buffalo moving is nothing to worry about. You’ve got us!

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What Makes Milvus the Premier Movers from Boston to Buffalo?

Every aspect of moving requires careful consideration; finding the right house in the right neighborhood, the right schools, the right restaurants, cafes, and gyms nearby. After spending so much time looking for just right, the last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision about your Boston to Buffalo moving company. We want you to take your time.

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Our moving teams are interchangeable; everyone receives the same training and everyone is held to the same standard. Commitment to a system and teams that hold each other accountable is what makes Milvus the most reliable moving company in Boston.


Boston to Buffalo moving isn’t a Point A to Point B business. We do our homework; ask customers about their unique needs, map out the logistics, and eliminate any potential for surprise. We’re always professional. We’re always prepared.


Our teams don’t just make the trip from Boston to Buffalo – our movers have been everywhere and have handled every type of relocation you can imagine. They’ll treat your things with the utmost care and go out of their way to ensure that you feel comfortable, and included in the process.


We’re experienced Boston to Buffalo movers. We’ve made the trip many times over the years and honed our services in order to offer you the smoothest, most cost-effective Boston to Buffalo moving experience available. Get us on the phone. You’ll hear the difference straight away.

Moving from Boston to Buffalo: Important Details

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Milvus is a low-cost Boston to Buffalo moving company. We keep our costs down by relying on a proven system and efficient professional moving teams. Distance and the cubic footage of your belongings are the only aspects we factor into your quote. Here’s what’s included.

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

Fuel and toll costs are factored into your quote. We know what Boston to Buffalo moving takes and we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees.

We take care of the heavy lifting,  transport your things in the best available vehicles, and provide you with professional teams who understand your unique moving challenges.

We carry comprehensive moving insurance in order to give you an extra sense of security while maintaining a level of professionalism that all but guarantees the policy will never be needed.

Moving from Boston to Buffalo is a short trip but as always you’ll have access to live GPS tracking. Go at your own pace knowing that we’ll get there safely and on time.


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!

We’re fully certified, award-winning  Boston movers. As you’ll see, pride and professionalism are evident in everything we do. Is it any wonder the accolades follow?

We disassemble and reassemble your furniture with precision and care because we are well aware that everything in your home has personal value and emotional importance.

A single exposed corner can cause damage over the course of a long-distance move. We go out of our way to thoroughly wrap your belongings. We never miss a corner.

Our goal as Boston to Buffalo movers is to make your transition as stress-free as possible. We carry the load and eliminate concern so you can focus on the adventure of a new beginning.


Pro Tips for Moving from Boston to Buffalo

Your move from Boston to Buffalo is going to begin well before we pull into the driveway. A big part of helping our customers feel comfortable and confident during the move is making sure they understand what to expect before and after. With that in mind here are some tips from the professional movers here at Milvus Moving.


#1 Donate what you don’t need

Donating anything bound for the basement in Buffalo will save you money by reducing your cubic footage. But more importantly, there is always someone out there who really needs the things you don’t use. Box them up, and call one of the big-name organizations to arrange home pick-up services. 


#2 Don’t Procrastinate

Stress reduction is an important part of any move. Don’t box up your things at the last minute, that’s a guaranteed anxiety spike. Instead, get started early. Your house will look half-empty but your heart rate will stay nice and calm.


#3 Choose the best available movers from Boston to Buffalo

Working with trusted and reliable Boston to Buffalo movers will simplify your transition on every level. At Milvus we ensure that you’re prepped, ready, and question free before our professional moving teams even arrive. Everything from here to there is taken care of, all you have to do is enjoy the journey.


#4 Reach out to the community in Buffalo before you arrive

You’ll have plenty of time to adapt to life in Buffalo; make new friends, see the sights, pick a favorite restaurant. But, why not get started now? Join local groups on social media, follow local accounts, immerse yourself from afar; it’ll make Buffalo feel more familiar once you arrive.


Boston to Buffalo – Are you ready?