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Are you about to start a new and exciting chapter, and need a helping hand? Moving from Boston to Albuquerque is our speciality. We’re here to make moving from Boston everything you hoped for.

Let’s journey together on your relocation adventure to ensure getting from Boston to Albuquerque is as easy as pie!

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Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We help take the struggle out of relocating. Many people moving from Boston to Albuquerque choose Milvus because we know exactly what you need. Passionate and professional, we care a great deal about your journey. With every single move, we always stay true to our three core values:



You have a new place to be and we’ll make sure your prized possessions get there on-time and in style. You can depend on us to honor our word and provide unforgettable moving services from Boston. Sticking to a strict schedule, we work efficiently from the moment we arrive at your home in Boston ma to the minute we reach your new destination in Albuquerque. At Milvus, we’re reliable, dependable, and committed to the safe travels of your valuable belongings.



We’re not your ordinary moving company to Albuquerque. When you choose to do things the Milvus way, your possessions will be looked after with the utmost care. But that’s not all. We also guarantee that every member of our Boston to Albuquerque movers team will provide you with professional service, delivered from a friendly face. All our employees understand how important this trip is to you, and we’ll do all we can to make moving from Boston an adventure to look forward to.



Choosing the right movers when travelling from Boston to Albuquerque is vital to making your move a success from the get-go. At Milvus we treat every one of our customers with the utmost respect and consideration. Our expert Boston movers pay attention to every little detail, working with care to make sure moving from Boston to Albuquerque is everything you imagined and hoped it would be.

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Interested in finding out exactly how much it would cost to move from Boston to Albuquerque?

Tell us the address of your new destination, along with the cubic footage of your belongings, and we’ll provide a quote. It’s as simple as that. No hidden fees. No extra costs. We’ll always honor our word and work hard to find you the cheapest way to get from Boston to Albuquerque, without ever compromising on the quality of the service we provide.

So if the city’s rich history, lower living costs and all-year-round sunshine aren’t enough to convince you that moving from Boston to Albuquerque is a great idea, then let our prices be the frosting on the cake!

Your belongings – delivered with care.

Ready to take the next step in your Boston to Albuquerque moving plans?


Milvus – Making Moving from Boston to Albuquerque a Breeze!

We’re a tight-knit band of talented Boston movers and we’re passionate about what we do. Why? Because we’re highly trained in the art of moving, and love helping those on the search for trustworthy Boston to Albuquerque movers. Your life’s next chapter is about to begin and we’re here to ensure that it starts successfully. To do so, we take our role in your moving plans very seriously. Every member of the Milvus movers from Boston to Albuquerque team undergoes strict training to make stress-free relocation not just a possibility, but a certainty too!

From background checks to health and safety measures, we hand pick and train our staff with the same care and dedication that we give to the handling of your belongings. Knowing how to transport furniture in Boston is not enough. We understand the importance of such big lifestyle changes and recognize the mixed emotions you must be feeling. From drivers to dispatchers, movers to administrators, at Milvus we’re all coached in the art of customer service to make sure we’re here to support you. It’s our mission to make your transition from Boston to Albuquerque run as smoothly as possible.  

Everything You Need in Your Long-Distance Move.

Once you’ve received your quote  and know how much it is to move from Boston, make sure that you discover exactly what’s included in the price. At Milvus Movers from Boston to Albuquerque, we’ll go beyond what’s expected to make your long-distance journey unique.

Fuel Transportation Insurance Live GPS

Tolls and fuel included, we’ll honor our quote always.

Your furniture – loaded and unloaded with care.

We’ve got you covered with insurance of up to $20,000.

Track and follow your valuables with live GPS.


Moving Certificates Furniture Assembly Blanket Wrapping Peace of Mind!
Certified and insured – we’re here to support you. Your belongings are in the hands of experts. Protected with caution, we’ll wrap before we lift. Your stress-free move, your fresh new start.



Milvus Moving Tips

Albuquerque is waiting for you. But before you call in reinforcements and hit the highway, make sure you’re fully prepared for moving from Boston to Albuquerque. Not sure where to begin? Stick to these four steps and relocating from Boston will be headache-free!


Step One: Plan to your heart’s content!

The more organized you are, the easier it will be. And if you choose the right movers from Boston to Albuquerque, many of the most pressing issues will be taken care of – leaving you with plenty of time to research all about your new city to-be!


Step Two: Don’t forget your mail!

If you don’t tell the USPS where you’re headed, you’re going to have to travel a long way to get your mail each week! But don’t worry, it’s easy to do. Just make the changes online or visit your local United States Post Office to fill out a form with your new address.


Step Three: Say no to stress!

If you partner with the Milvus Boston to Albuquerque movers, then when the day comes around to pack up and go, all your work will be complete. From the moment we arrive at your location, we’ll take care of everything so that moving to Albuquerque won’t seem such a challenge after all.


Step Four: Get ready to enjoy the adventures ahead!

When we arrive at your new location, we’ll unload and reassemble all your furniture so you can sit back, relax, and prepare for your new life. And you never know, if in a few years you’ve settled in so well that you forget how to get to Boston from Albuquerque, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat with a friendly voice from the past!




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